The increase in the cost of feed ingredients motivates the fishing industry to look for technologies that improve feed assimilation and reduce the costs of obtaining products.

Determination and mitigation of factors that inhibit the absorption of nutrients is essential for the successful production of fish products. Mixed fodders for fish usually contain a lot of animal flour, but because of the high cost, the input of this component is reduced. Therefore, the nutritional value of fish feeds is improved by the introduction of enzymes.

Enzymes are now widely used throughout the world as additives in the diet of fish. Nevertheless, the effect of exogenous enzymes may be variable, it depends on a large number of factors, such as the age of the fish, the composition of the feed, the type of feeding, etc.

It has been proved that the introduction of the enzyme complex NATUSIM into the feed effectively eliminates anti-nutritional factors and improves the energy and amino acid use efficiency, which gives additional products.